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· One min read

Hi, it has been a while since my last post. I've been busy learning new things, especially in the field of AI. Lately, I've dedicated several months to adding an event system to ChanceSeed.

Now, you can create and participate in bet and giveaway events on It's not a full-fledged betting site, and it never will be, but you can enjoy some fun activities with your group of friends.

· 2 min read

We are excited to announce ChanceSeed a A User-Friendly random generator editor

You can thinking it like Figma or Canva, but it only designing fortune wheels or loot boxes. Users can easily create and customize their own loot boxes for engaging and interactive experiences.

Our story

Long time ago, on the lockdown. My friend was feeling bored out. So, he called up me and said, "Let's make something fun!". And I have a ideas about clone of because that is so boring.

We started working on the project using Svelte Kit, which my friend suggest. It really fun from the beginning. I created the homepage of ChanceSeed with a random number animation with only 1 day of learning Svelte, and it was an absolute blast!. You can easily copy and paste something from CodePen into Svelte and it just works like a charm.

Our project is big and after I have an idea about create an editor like figma. so we can easily add or remove items. It make everything more complex. My friend neeed to work and I busy (lazy) too. When i have of the free time I spend on playing games and every time I open a chestbox. I still remember about that idea.

It is a long time to wait to release on sveltkit 😏. But after that Svelte Kit 1.0 release, I decided to continue our project. It is a lot of work but we already finish it

I am very proud to announce ChanceSeed Thank for all open source projects to help us build ChanceSeed